The digital world has been expanding over the years over all spheres in industries. The likes of social media, google and other search engines (Digital Marketing) has been playing the front role in digital world. The rise of Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest has introduced visual contents like motion graphics and infographics (Graphic Design). Brand stories can now be told with clarity (pictures, videos etc) with the presence of visual content. Companies are creating an online office (Websites) where they store information about the goods or services they offer, their contact, about the company etc. Recent Statistics shows that millions of people now prefer to order their goods online (E-commerce Websites) than physical contact. Photos are everywhere to make the digital world beautiful (Photography). Memories are kept with the use of photography.
21st century companies require the knowledge of Graphic Design, Web Design and Digital Marketing before you are considered. But only few are equipped in the knowledge. Events, can no longer keep memories without the use of photography.
All these skills are demanding skills that you must learn. Reason why Xephas Digitals Academy in partnership with Whogohost has made it easy for you.

Be knowledgeable and certified in the following courses

  • Web Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography

We teach you from beginner mentality to a professional mentality within 6 weeks of lectures.

Benefits of the courses

  • These courses will improve your employability by 80%
  • It will provide you a competitive advantage
  • Web designers, digital marketers and graphic designers are always valued in several industries so it does not limit you to a particular industry
  • With all these courses, you can start your own business
  • For business owners, it enables you optimize your online conversion rate
  • For business owners, it enables you leverage cost effective marketing strategies
  • For business owners, it helps you build your online reputation with effective digital management
  • Digital Marketing course will help you to achieve your marketing goals

Course Approach

  • There will be 4-5 weeks of lecture
  • 2 weeks of projects
  • Other changes in the approach will be communicated to you by your course coordinator

Course Packages
All courses come with the following packages

  • Training manuals (Videos and PDFs)
  • Access to digital tools (Digital Marketing)
  • Access to latest software for designs (Graphic Design)
  • Access to personal allocated website for design (Web Design)
  • Access to photo editing software (Photography)
  • Certificate of Completion
    • Digital Marketing
    • Web Design and Management
    • Graphic Design
    • Photography

Course Calender

Days: Saturdays and Sundays

Location: Obafemi Awolowo University

Download the brochure here for more information


Registration for each course is N500
Tuition Fee
Web Deisgn – N10,000
Graphic Design – N8,000
Digital Marketing – N8,000
Photography – N10,000

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Make sure all information filled on the registration form are filled correctly.

For payment of Tuition fee

  • Transfer
  • Cash Deposit

Pay your tuition fee to
Alokan Oluwaseun Peter
Access Bank
Send an evident of payment to 08029955396 or 08165787948 on WhatsApp or to

For more enquires
08029955396, 08165787948 (Call or WhatsApp)
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